I know what you're all thinking.

Q: Can I submit stuff to the UNDERGROUND?

A: Yes. Send us your picks for the hottest new undiscovered band.
Send us the URL to a____.
Nominate a film to be the next Blair Witch.
Tell us all about that time you accidentally set your pubes on fire.

Other ideas: Conspiracy theories Independent Music Independent Movies Unknown artists True outrageous stories Flash animations

Basically, if itís off the beaten track, we want it. If your mom would be appalled, we might even pay you for it.

Q: How do I submit materials to the UNDERGROUND?

A: At the moment we are only accepting email submissions. If more materials are required, we ask that they be placed on FTP sites, or any number of free web services to be downloaded later. (e.g. Homestead, geoCities)

Q: Are there any special rules?

A: Funny you should ask. Here they are:
1. With every email submission we need a statement affirming that all materials submitted are of your own creation.
2. Never ask if we have reviewed your materials. We will notify you that we have received your materials.
3. Donít talk about Fight Club.
4. Do not submit illegal materials, (e.g. threats, manifestos, kiddie porn)
5. Every submission should contain follow up information about where people can go to learn more about your submission.

Submit all your materials to: SayMyNameBitch@ugtv.org